The BMW 7 Series Tupac Shakur Was Shot In, for Sale for $1.75 Million, Will It Ever Sell?

The infamous black 1997 BMW 7 Series, known for being the vehicle in which iconic rapper Tupac Shakur was fatally shot in 1996,

Despite its grhas hit the market for a hefty $1.75 million.

Despite the high asking price, questions loom whether anyone will be interested enough in its macabre history to purchase it.

Over the years, various pieces of memorabilia linked to the late artist have attracted attention, like handwritten lyrics and jewelry.

Yet, the BMW stands apart as a piece of criminal history.

While the car has been fully restored and features updated equipment, its notoriety might overshadow its condition and upgrades.

Whether or not a buyer is out there, interested in its chilling past, remains to be seen.